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Jazz Tunes

Instead of making your callers listen to the conventional ringing tone, with Jazz Tunes you can make your callers listen to your chosen Jazz Tune.

Offer Details
SubscriptionDial 230 or send ‘sub’ to 230
Un-subscription Dial 230 or send ‘unsub’ to 230
ChargesSubscription: Rs. 1.68+t/ Day

IVR rate: Rs. 0.60 + t/Min     (By dialing 2301)

IVR Rate: Rs. 2.38 +t/Min     (By dialing 230)

SMS: Rs, 9.55+t per SMS

Subscription Dial 2301
Un-subscription Dial 2301
Charges Subscription: Rs. 4.77 +t per week

IVR rate: Rs. 0.60 + t/Min     (By dialing 2301)

IVR Rate: Rs. 2.38 +t/Min     (By dialing 230)

Tune Download: Rs, 9.55+t per tune

Manage your Jazz Tune:

Status Jazz Tunes:

Status Jazz Tunes allow users to set particular Status Jazz Tunes for a specified time duration. With Status Jazz Tunes, users can keep their callers updated about their availability at all times.

Usage Send an SMS to 2303 or dial the USSD menu *2303# and choose a Status from the available options
Charges Rs. 0.12+t per SMS

Personalized Jazz Tunes:

With Personalized Jazz Tunes, customers can set specific Jazz Tunes for special callers. You can set different songs from the Jazz Tunes library for your special callers.

Usage SMS ‘lib’ to 2301
Charges Rs. 1.20+t per SMS

Block List Feature:

With the Jazz Tunes Block List feature customers can block specific callers from listening to their Jazz Tunes. When a blocked caller (Party B) dials the Party A’s MSISDN, instead of listening to Party A’s Jazz Tune, Party B will be able to listen to the regular phone ringing tone.



Usage Send Block MSISDN to 2303
Charges Rs. 0.12+ per SMS

Service Commands:

Action Command
To block a particular number SMS ‘block <space> MSISDN’ to 2303
To unblock a particular number SMS ‘unblock <space> MSISDN’ to 2303
To view a list of numbers blocked SMS ‘blocklist <space> MSISDN’ to 2303

Direct Download Feature:

With the Direct Download *2301* <JAZZTUNECODE># string, customers can directly set and download their favorite Jazz Tunes.


Usage Dial *2301* <JAZZTUNECODE># to directly download and set the desired Jazz Tune.
Charges Rs. 9.55+t per download

*2330# Search Menu:

With the *2330# Search Menu, customers can search their favorite Jazz Tunes with; the artist’s name, song name and the movie name. The customers can set their desired Jazz Tune directly through the search menu.

Usage Dial *2330# to access the Jazz Tunes Search Menu
Charges *2330# Search Menu Browsing Rs. 0.12+ per session

Jazz Tunes Star:

You can simply copy your desired Jazz Tunes while listening to any other Jazz Tune. Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a Jazz Tune of your choice!

Usage Press *3 to copy a Jazz Tune, while listening to any Jazz Tune during the ringing period or before the call is connected
Charges Rs. 9.55+ per download

Jazz Tunes Bundles:

With Jazz Tunes Weekly Bundle, you can enjoy 200 free minutes of 230 IVR. The validity of the bundle is one week.


Subscription Dial *230*7#
How to Check Balance: Dial *230*7*2#
Un-subscription Dial *230*7*4#
Charges Subscription Charges Rs. 11.94+t per week

Feature Rules:

  • The offer is available for all prepaid customers.
  • This offer is not available for Postpaid customers
  • Fair usage of 200 minutes apply. In case the customer uses more than 200 minutes within a week, he/she will be charged for the standard IVR charges on 230 IVR i.e. Rs. 2.38+t /minute.
  • Charges for the Bundle BI String Rs. 0.18+t /pull
  • Offer will be recursive in nature. In case a user has credit at the end of expiry date, he/she will be re-subscribed. In case the customer does not have credit, he/she will go into state of suspension. The user will automatically get re-subscribed upon account recharge.
  • In case of multiple subscriptions- Minutes will add up and validity of latest subscription request will be set

2301 Top Tunes:

Customers can dial the 2301 Top Tunes to download the latest hit Jazz Tunes and Apni Dhun directly on their mobile phones. The 2301 IVR consists of different categories such as: Top Asian, Top Pakistani, Top Regional, Top Islamic and other sub categories.

Usage Dial 2301 and select a specific category to hear a list of songs being played. To set a song as your Jazz Tune or Apni Dhun press 3 while listening to the song
Charges Rs. 0.60+t per minute
Download by pressing 3: Rs. 9.55+t per download

Badalti Jazz Tunes & Apni Dhun:

With Badalti Jazz Tunes, customers can get their callers to hear a different Jazz Tune on every call. One Jazz Tune from the customer’s existing Jazz Tunes library is played at random every time someone calls them.

With the Badalti Jazz Tunes, customers can get their callers to hear a different Jazz Tune every time they call. One random Jazz Tune from the customer’s existing Jazz Tunes library is played every time someone calls them.

The Badalti Apni Dhun allows customers to hear a different Apni Dhun every time they call someone. One random Apni Dhun from the customer’s existing Apni Dhun library is played every time they call someone.

Subscription Send ‘sub’ to 6008
Un-subscription Badalti Jazz Tune:Send ‘unsub’ 6008

Badalti Apni Dhun:Send ‘unsubad’ 6008

Charges Free of cost

230 IVR:

To download Jazz Tunes dial 230 IVR.

  1. Jazz Tunes Categories
    On the Jazz Tunes Menu, you can browse and download Jazz Tunes of your preference from the following categories:
  • Pakistani (Top 10, New Releases, Ghazals, Pop, Punjabi, Balochi, Pushto, Sindhi, Others)
  • Asian (Top 10, New Releases, Classics, Punjabi, Others)
  • English (Top 10, New Releases, Classics, Rock, RnB, Others)
  • Arabic(Top 10, New Releases, Classics)
  • Jazz Themes
  • Movies
  • Instrumental
  • Religious
  • Miscellaneous
  1. My album

Your downloaded Jazz Tunes are saved in the folder called “My Album” and can be accessed at any time by calling 230 IVR. You don’t need to download the same Jazz Tune again, in case it is needed in the future. You can set any RBT in your library by calling 230 IVR, selecting the “My Album” option and then following instructions for setting existing RBT’s.

  1. Caller Group Settings:

You can set different Jazz Tunes for different callers. All need to do is call 230 IVR, specify the Jazz Tune that you want to set and the caller for whom you want to set that Jazz Tune. Whenever that caller calls, he/she will listen to the Jazz Tune especially set for him/her. Rest of the callers will listen to the default Jazz Tune. This feature gives you the freedom to set the right Jazz Tunes for groups such as: family, friends, official, special and others.

Jazz Tunes Application:

Get ready to pick another beat! Jazz brings its users a customized Jazz Tunes Mobile Application that will give their music mania the boost it needs.

In a click, customers can pick and choose from a vast database of Jazz Tunes including Bollywood, Pakistani, Folk and Religious tunes from across the globe.

Jazz Tunes Mobile App Users can also select Special Personalized Jazz Tunes for their friends and set specific songs for different callers.

Every Jazz Tunes Mobile App user will have their own unique Profile in which their favorite Jazz Tunes and the history of all previously downloaded/selected Jazz Tunes will be available.

The application is accessible on all Android Smartphones so grab your phone and download this smart application to enjoy your favorite Jazz Tunes!

To Download:

Use the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobizone.rbt or visit the Google Play Store and search for Jazz Tunes

*Jazz Tunes downloaded from the Mobile App are free of cost. This is a limited time offer. Standard Jazz Tunes subscription and Data charges apply.

How many Jazz Tunes can I download?

You can download up to 50 Jazz Tunes, which get saved in “My Album” on 230 IVR.

How can I download Jazz Tune through SMS?

You can download any Jazz Tune by sending “Get<space>tone ID” to 230.

How can I set a downloaded Jazz Tune through SMS?

You can set a downloaded Jazz Tune by sending “Set<space>tone ID” to 230.

Will my callers be charged when they listen to my Jazz Tune?

It will be the same as calling you when you are not subscribed to the Jazz Tunes service, therefore, your callers will not be charged.

How many callers can I assign a Jazz Tune to?

You can assign a Jazz Tune to either of the following: All Callers, Group/groups of Callers – which allows a maximum of 10 numbers to be assigned a Jazz Tune to.

Product Specific :

  • To facilitate customers who request Jazz Tunes subscription while having insufficient balance, such customers shall be provisioned with requested Jazz Tunes subscription while subscription charges shall be deducted when customer has sufficient balance in his account. Not applicable on Champions Package subscribers

Click here for General Terms & Conditons.


*Jazz Tunes content will be available for Jazz customers on “as is” and “as available” basis subject to the validity of content copyrights. Jazz makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the information, content, data, or about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of this service. The information provided through this service contains references to information maintained by other organizations/individuals. Jazz does not guarantee the relevance, timeliness and accuracy of such information. Jazz reserves the right and has the sole discretion to remove any Jazz Tunes content at any time. In no event will Jazz be liable for any loss or damage, whatsoever arising from loss of profits, damage, mental agony, excitement, indulgence, reprisal or action, initiation of legal actions by any third party, arising out of or in connection with the use of this service.

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